Thursday, 11 March 2021

Cold hard stone, wait did it just move?!

It's been almost a year (and quite a while since I made a post at all) since I did a Heroquest blog post and finally the last monster hit the paint table. I could say other projects had taken priority but honestly it was more down to being unsure of how I wanted to paint the stone boss of the original mainstream dungeon exploring game.

Yes the Gargoyle! The dread statue that rolls more attacks than the barbarian and is often best avoided if it can be helped. It's such a great model I wasn't really sure how I was going to paint it at first. Do I go down the route of painting it like a small Bloodthirster or maybe make it a sandblasted rocky colour like on the cover art of the Kellar's Keep expansion.

Despite the menace, I do like that one goblin struggling not to fall.

In the end I decided on a halfway between stone and being alive. I decided for a more grey stone than the above artwork as I felt it fit the aesthetic I wanted a bit more.

Behold my power, living stone becomes living death!!

First I need to explain my current camera is not ideal for taking photos and lighting is an issue at the moment so in comparison to some earlier posts these are not the best photos.

I went for the classic khorne style colours for the top half of the gargoyle, nice to use reds and bronze makes a change from the green of orks.

Death comes for this plane of wooden ground and chair mountains!

This is the reverse shot of the Gargoyle. I tried to keep the wings simple and just went for some shading on the orange/red colours.

Where is that barbarian? I will cleave his head from his bloody corpse!

There we have it all the Heroquest monsters and Heroes are complete, might get a group shot up of them all when this lockdown comes to an end.

In the meantime have a great day and thanks for reading :)

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